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Open Development Mekong publishes a case study of Chiang Khong Special Economic Zone

Open Development Mekong (ODM) recently published a new topic page on “Case Study: Chiang Khong Special Economic Zone,” which is a district of Chiang Rai SEZ and expected to be a transport hub linking several countries with various types of transportation infrastructure. Land, migration, human ...

Open Development Thailand has published 4 new pages on sustainable development goals.

Recently Open Development Thailand published 4 new pages: a topic page on SDG, SDG 6 Clean water and sanitation, SDG 14 Life below water, and CSO’s efforts in SDGs. SDGs in Thailand has been guided through its own development framework, known as the Sufficiency Economy ...

Open Development Mekong publishes a new page on SDG 14 – Life Below Water

As with the other SDGs, countries are encouraged to use the most relevant indicators for their individual national contexts. For example, not all the LMCs have coastline: Lao PDR is landlocked. The Laos government has shifted the focus away from marine resources to freshwater ecosystems ...

Open Development Vietnam publishes 3 new sub-pages on land classification, communal land and state public land

Open Development Vietnam has published 3 new sub-pages in Vietnamese and English, focus on land classification, communal land and state public land. All is under land topic page.Please visit the new pages for more detail. ...

Open Development Myanmar publishes a new page on Sustainable Development Goals

The new page in both Burmese and English languages covers Sustainable Development Goal topic together with detail on the transition from MDGs to SDGs in Myanmar, localization of the SDGs, global means of implementation, national means of implementation, and monitoring the SDGs in Myanmar. Please visit ODMm’s Sustainable Development Goals ...

Open Development Cambodia publishes a new page on SDG 6 Clean water and sanitation

Open Development Cambodia (ODC) publishes a new topic page on​ “SDG 6 Clean water and sanitation”, which is one of the 17 goals of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in both Khmer and English languages. Through ODC’s new topic page on SDG 6, you ...

Read all about infrastructure developments in Laos on Open Development Laos

The Lao government is particularly interested in transforming an apparent disadvantage of being a landlocked country into an advantage by becoming a land-linked nation. This would see Laos as a point of connection among neighboring countries, bridging the more advanced economies of China, Thailand, and Vietnam.The new ...

Regional Environmental layers now include updated Tree Cover Loss (2001-2016) on Open Development Mekong

A collection of map layers representing forest cover, loss and gain from the Hansen (2016) update along with other regional environmental datasets. See the map ...

Open Development Mekong begins tracking Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Throughout the Lower Mekong Countries (LMCs), local strategies are being developed to monitor the implementation of the SDGs. Yet, these metrics are not helpful without baseline data, which is inconsistent, if not unavailable entirely, for Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Cambodia. What data is available is often ...

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