Thailand leads ASEAN into a secure digital future

Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs envisions ASEAN as ‘seamlessly connected’ and cybersecurity will contribute to that vision.As the chair country of ASEAN, Thailand aims to advance the community towards a future that includes a digital ASEAN.Based on that vision, Thailand has been stimulating progress and ...

Supply chains re-routed to Asean

Chinese investment in the region’s manufacturing sector will intensify in the upcoming decade as China uses its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to reorientate the global supply chain towards Asean in response to its trade battle with the United States, a geopolitical expert predicts. Keep reading ...

Phuwit Limviphuwat

Asean embarks on collaborative effort to combat the menace of wildlife trafficking

The region needs a clear action plan to tackle wildlife trafficking, experts stressed this past weekend as the leaders of Asean nations meeting in Bangkok endorsed the “Chiang Mai Statement of Asean Ministers Responsible for CITES and Wildlife Enforcement”.Keep reading ...

Pratch Rujivanarom

REPORT: Plight of citizens PUSHED ASIDE by progress

Advocates of sustainable development call on Asean countries to look deeply into problems that mega-projects cause for people.Looking from the West to the East, the North to the South, large-scale development continues apace across Southeast Asia, leaving a toll on people_whether or not it is ...

Piyaporn Wongruang

Suvarnabhumi civilization project in connection with ASEAN

The Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency has co-opted the Suvarnabhumi Civilization with Geo-Informatics and the Space Technology project to conduct studies, research and connection with the ASEAN region.Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency Director Anon Sanitwong na Ayutthaya, said that the agency has spent ...

Tewit Kemtong

Tree crops development in ASEAN

Permanent crops are mainly trees (e.g., coffee, cacao, rubber) but they also include palms (e.g., coconut, oil palm) and vines (e.g., pepper) ( They are planted and possess long economic life. By contrast, temporary or annual crops are sown and harvested during the same agricultural ...

Labour rights abuse on the rise

Labour rights violations in ASEAN are among the negative effects of an increase in production due to the ongoing United States (US)-China trade war which has resulted in a shift of some production from China to this part of the world. While the region is ...

Thailand to unveil Asean tourism push

Thailand is set to release comprehensive gastronomy guidelines for the Asean region by the end of this year to facilitate the recovery of tourism figures, after the industry has been hurt by a string of challenges, including dangerous air pollution in the North, the global ...

Phuwit Limviphuwat

US accelerates project-financing in Asean

Amid China’s growing influence in the Asean region through the Belt and Road Initiative, the United States is stepping up its efforts to finance development projects in the bloc as part of its Indo Pacific Strategy. Washington is keen on financing infrastructure, energy, digital and ...

Phuwit Limviphuwat

Asean launches $1bn facility for green infrastructure

CHIANG RAI: The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and major financiers on Thursday launched a facility to spur more than US$1 billion (31.78 billion baht) in green infrastructure investments across Southeast Asia.The facility offers loans and technical assistance for sovereign ...

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