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Thailand leads ASEAN into a secure digital future

Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs envisions ASEAN as ‘seamlessly connected’ and cybersecurity will contribute to that vision.As the chair country of ASEAN, Thailand aims to advance the community towards a future that includes a digital ASEAN.Based on that vision, Thailand has been stimulating progress and ...

Know more about the draft that will transform Thailand into an Orwellian state

The draft cyber security law has raised the concerns of netizens that the state will have more power to seize data from the private sector and individuals. Some fear the law, which still has no clear limits, will be used on a daily basis.Keep reading ...

Yiamyut Sutthichaya

Asia-Pacific countries adopt declaration to improve data

Countries in Asia and the Pacific on Friday (Oct 19) adopted a declaration that will strengthen national statistical systems to present a more complete picture of the region’s development, and support good governance, health and human rights.The declaration, ‘Navigating Policy with Data to Leave No ...

Accelerator for innovation proposed

In a bid to pool innovation resources and rely less on fragented research and innovation budgets, the National Innovation Agency (NIA) plans to propose a National Innovation System (NIS) accelerator platform.Keep reading.. ...

Suchit Leesa-Nguansuk

Roadmap to digital society in the work

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society is drawing up a road map towards creating a “paperless and cashless society” in line with government policy.The project for government agencies will be implemented next year and the ministry will submit a proposal on the merger of ...

Jirapan Boonnoon

Attracting international talent to SEA’s next tech hub

Recently,the government has been ramping up its efforts in line with its “Thailand 4.0” initiative. This includes opening potentially the largest startup space in SEA called True Digital Park. The Thai government is also in talks to iron out “Thailand Cyberport,” a business park and ...

PM calls for urgency in digital services

The prime minister yesterday (Aug 23) told the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) and other top officials to quickly implement a policy to provide more digital government services to the public, noting that results have so far not met his expectations.The Digital Economy ...

The Nation Reporter

Telecom regulator pledges effective spectrum management to embrace Thailand 4.0 initiative

The National  Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has planned to ensure more effective spectrum management as its core competency to embark on the Thailand 4.0 model, according to the regulator’s secretary general Takorn Tantasith.Keep reading ...


MDES to establish 2 new agencies, an institute

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) plans to establish two new agencies and an institute by next year to ensure the ongoing digital transformation process. A national cyber-security agency and a national data protection agency are to be established by 2019, while the new ...

Supawadee Wangsri

First policy guidelines on satellite industry head initiatives to boost digital economy

Technology officials will present to Cabinet next month the first policy guidelines on the country’s satellite industry in an effort boost innovation and spur investment flows in the field.The government will also review its policies on the use and release of spectrum in the telecommunications ...

Jirapan Boonnoon

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