Mekong river level critically low

The Mekong River is currently only a little over one metre deep as it flows through this northeastern border province, posing a threat of severe drought during the dry season.Officials said the river level is dropping faster than in recent years due to the construction ...

Pattanapong Sripiachai

China Dams Continue to Hinder Water Flow on the Mekong River

China’s water relations with Thailand and the other lower Mekong countries are once again under strain after Beijing held up the Mekong River’s flow at one of its large dams upstream, precipitating a sudden drop in volume for downstream countries that share the region’s longest ...

Mekong River levels 'slightly' rise amid conflicting regional data

The inter-governmental Mekong River Commission (MRC) said on Monday that levels on the vital waterway have “slightly” increased and it would look into why its outflow data from Chinese dams upstream differed from data later given by Beijing.Whether or not China’s 11 dams are harming ...

Dams upstream slowly killing the mighty Mekong

The Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) on Tuesday released satellite images showing a drastic drop in the water level of Mekong River this Sunday compared to images captured on January 3.“The water level of Mekong River has dropped considerably in the past month,” ...

The Nation Reporter

Chinese dams under U.S. scrutiny in Mekong rivalry

A U.S.-funded project using satellites to track and publish water levels at Chinese dams on the Mekong river was announced on Monday, adding to the superpowers’ rivalry in Southeast Asia.The 4,350-kilometer waterway — known as the Lancang in China and flowing south through Myanmar, Laos, ...

China's drain on Mekong

More water discharged from Chinese dams to the lower Mekong River in the dry season and less water in the rainy season. That means a reduction of drought and flooding in the lower Mekong countries. That was the ideal “cooperation” Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam ...

Falling Mekong water levels increase farming cost in Nong Khai

The Mekong River’s level in Nong Khai province of Thailand dropped to 1.83 metres on Thursday (January 9), much lower than the bank’s 10.37 metres.Compared to the same period in 2019, the current water level was lower by over 2 metres, causing sandy areas to ...

The Nation Reporter

Mekong River falls to critical level, sand dunes emerge

The water in the Mekong River has fallen to a critical level, recorded at only 1.50 metres on Tuesday, lower than previous years. Sand islands are now exposed along many sections of the waterway.Inadequate rainfall has also left many reservoirs in the province at only ...

Pattanapong Sripiachai

Mekong water level in Nakhon Phanom drops amid drought fears

The level of water in the Mekong river in this northeastern border province is dropping rapidly, exhibiting the most unnatural phenomenon in 50 years, according to local media reports.The reports said water in the Mekong river is dropping by 10-20 centimetres per day. The water ...

Pattanapong Sripiachai

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