China Dams Continue to Hinder Water Flow on the Mekong River

China’s water relations with Thailand and the other lower Mekong countries are once again under strain after Beijing held up the Mekong River’s flow at one of its large dams upstream, precipitating a sudden drop in volume for downstream countries that share the region’s longest ...

Will China turn off the Mekong tap?

Countries in the lower Mekong basin are watching anxiously to see whether their “big brother” to the north will tackle the growing Mekong River crisis.China controls the upper section of the river, which rises on the Tibetan Plateau and runs through Laos, the North and ...

Nauvarat Suksamran

China must be sincere on Mekong

Last week, the Bangkok Post published remarks by Yang Yang, a spokesperson for the Chinese embassy in Thailand, explaining how China and others are promoting water resources cooperation in the Mekong “for the benefit of the people in the region”.Keep reading ...

Niwat Roykaew

The Controversial Myitsone Dam Projects: What China Should Do

China’s hurry to revive the Myitsone dam projects has renewed concerns among ethnic Kachin and Myanmar’s people. Last week thousands of people in Kachin state protested, calling once again for a permanent stop to the projects.Keep reading ...

China Reshaping The Vital Mekong River To Power Its Expansion

China is building a series of hydropower dams on the Mekong, which analysts say will produce needed electricity while posing major threats to the environment.The Thai village of Sob Ruak, at the heart of the Golden Triangle region where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet, is ...

China eyes its next prize – the Mekong

Beijing’s islands-building in the South China Sea and their militarisation, replete with surface-to-air missiles, is near complete. With guile, threat, and coercion, China can now seize control of one of the main transport arteries of Southeast Asia, making a mockery of international laws and norms.Keep ...

Elliot Brennan

Mekong River nations face the hidden costs of China’s dams

Sam In, a 48-year-old rice farmer from Cambodia’s northeastern province of Stung Treng, never knew that people paid for water until he was forced to move out of his home on the banks of a Mekong River tributary two years ago.Keep reading  ...

Yukako Ono

China Defends Dam Building on Mekong River as Activists Head to Court

BEIJING – Officials from southwest China’s Yunnan province have defended a plan to build a dam in the region as “fully legally compliant”, after an environment group took developers of the project to court last month for violating laws.Keep reading ...

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