Ransomware targeting Asean SMEs drops

The global cybersecurity company Kaspersky has reported a significant decrease in the number of ransomware attempts it detected and foiled last year among small and medium enterprise (SME) users in Southeast Asia.The company monitored 804,513 ransomware events in 2020, down 58% from the 2019 total ...

Fight to foil cyberthreats intensifies

Cybersecurity has become paramount for businesses and individuals as digital transformation, internet usage and digital asset values are skyrocketing.Thailand encountered more than 20 million cyberthreats last year, according to global cybersecurity company Kaspersky.Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) reported its products detected 20,598,223 different internet-borne cyberthreats on ...

Suchit Leesa-Nguansuk

Minister wants protection for e-commerce platform

The Digital Economy and Society (DES) Ministry is seeking to have all e-commerce platforms registered with the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) to ensure cybersecurity in this 3-trillion-baht industry.The call was made as DES Minister Buddhipongse Punnakanta yesterday held a meeting with representatives from e-commerce ...

Suchit Leesa-Nguansuk

Your data isn’t safe in Thailand

ASEAN has a problem as far as personal data protection goes, and at the bottom of this rung sits Thailand. In a study of privacy and surveillance of 47 countries – four of which are ASEAN – by British tech website Comparitech, Thailand was ranked ...

Sheith Khidhir

Walking the data tightrope

Top government officials and business leaders are stressing the importance of collecting big data on the population, but also protecting personal, commercial and governmental data from increasingly frequent cybersecurity threats.Keep reading ...

Komsan Tortermvasana & Suchit Leesa-Nguansuk

Rights Groups Urge Thai Government to Curb Powers in New Cybersecurity Act

Rights groups and IT industry advocates are calling on Thai lawmakers to amend a new Cybersecurity Act that they say gives the government virtually unchecked power to monitor online data.The law sailed through an appointed Parliament unopposed in February, in the final months of the ...

Cybersecurity high on agenda of IT committee

The committee on communications, telecom, and digital economy and society from now on will focus on cybersecurity issues due to rising number of people who can get access to the online world.Keep reading ...

The Nation Reporter

Thailand leads ASEAN into a secure digital future

Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs envisions ASEAN as ‘seamlessly connected’ and cybersecurity will contribute to that vision.As the chair country of ASEAN, Thailand aims to advance the community towards a future that includes a digital ASEAN.Based on that vision, Thailand has been stimulating progress and ...

Thai cybersecurity ranking dips to 35th

Thailand’s ranking in cybersecurity readiness fell to 35th in 2017-18 from 20th in 2016 as other countries made better cybersecurity improvements.“The slip in ranking is not due to poorer cybersecurity competency in Thailand, as its overall score improved, it’s just that other countries have done ...

Suchit Leesa-Nguansuk

Thailand Cybersecurity 2019 Event support Thailand’s digital transformation

Thailand Cybersecurity 2019 Event Thailand Cybersecurity 2019 Event support Thailand’s digital transformation, particularly in dealing with current cyber threatsElectronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) under the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society proudly present “Thailand Cybersecurity 2019” to empower critical organizations to stay ahead of growing ...

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