Crypto cybercrime set to surge next year

Cryptocurrency-fuelled ransomware attacks, metaverse-related attacks, exploitation of flaws in application programming interfaces (API), and critical infrastructure attacks are among the key threats expected in 2022, according to Palo Alto Networks, a global cybersecurity company.“Cybercriminals are getting richer than ever as cryptocurrency fuels the ransomware economy,” ...

Suchit Leesa-Nguansuk

Agency warns investors of DeFi risks, legal situation

The Thai Digital Asset Association warned investors about the risks of investing in DeFi and clarified that the association cannot serve as an intermediary in a legal dispute after Genesis, a decentralised platform (DeFi) platform, claimed the association will act as an intermediary for the ...

Bangkok Post Reporter

BoT developing digital currency for the public [Video]

The Bank of Thailand (BoT) has acknowledged the benefits of digital and crypto currencies and has begun developing a digital currency for the Thai public.Keep watching ...

Cryptocurrency draft draws flak

A draft of qualifications for cryptocurrency investment by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is sparking heavy criticism from the public as it effectively bars the majority of Thais from trading digital currency by requiring them to have annual income of 1 million baht.The draft ...

Bangkok Post Reporter

Cryptocurrencies' total market cap soars to B4bn

Cryptocurrencies’ total market capitalisation in Thailand soared to nearly 4 billion baht on Friday, or around 6% of the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s (SET) 2020 daily average trade, backed by the continuous price surges of bitcoin and other digital currencies.Bitcoin’s euphoric rally endured as it ...

Bangkok Post Reporter

Cryptocurrencies Impacting The Environment

Cryptocurrency is a decentralised virtual currency that is deemed to be more efficient than traditional currencies because it is regulated by a community of users. As of 2019, the top 100 cryptocurrencies had a market value of about US$200 billion with bitcoin accounting for more than ...

Thailand and world prepare for cryptocurrency challenges

The Libra project has shaken the global financial scene since Facebook, with a group of founding members, announced the proposed cryptocurrency last month. The plan to launch a new currency next year is ambitious and controversial, as Libra is scrutinized by central banks around the ...

Building a blockchain hub in Thailand

Though countries in Asia Pacific are racing to build their own cryptocurrency hubs — Jeju Island in South Korea or Cagayan in the Philippines are among them — they are arguably playing catch-up: Thailand has one of the most prosperous cryptocurrency ecosystems in the region, ...

Attracting international talent to SEA’s next tech hub

Recently,the government has been ramping up its efforts in line with its “Thailand 4.0” initiative. This includes opening potentially the largest startup space in SEA called True Digital Park. The Thai government is also in talks to iron out “Thailand Cyberport,” a business park and ...

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