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Cyber scams: Top bankers unite to battle rise in financial crime

The central bank, commercial banks and state-run financial institutions are joining forces to fight online criminals preying on bank customers, officials and executives told a press conference on Friday.Senior officials from the Bank of Thailand (BOT), the Thai Bankers’ Association (TBA), and the Government Financial ...

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Central bank turns to biometrics to battle online scams

The Bank of Thailand has joined the fight against online crimes by instructing financial institutions to step up their preventive measures, including a requirement for biometric verification for mobile banking transactions, its governor, Sethaput Suthiwartnarueput, said on Thursday.Bank customers who want to transfer more than ...

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SCB preps with long-term debt rejig

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) has prepared long-term debt restructuring for customers to help them survive the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic, in line with the central bank’s requirement.SCB expects applicants for debt relief measures in 2022 to have 500 billion baht in debt outstanding, up from the ...

Somruedi Banchongduang

Debt restructuring to be extended

Debt restructuring periods offered to borrowers affected by the pandemic could be extended to more than 10 years, says Thai Bankers’ Association (TBA) chairman Payong Srivanich.The Bank of Thailand, in collaboration with the TBA, recently implemented additional debt assistance measures to provide sustainable aid to ...

Somruedi Banchongduang

Banks never told to slash debts, says central bank

The Bank of Thailand (BOT) announced on Monday that it had not instructed commercial banks and financial institutions to slash the amount owed by debtors, but to instead restructure debts.BOT issued the statement after the Thai Bankers Association (TBA) voiced concerns over a circular issued ...

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BoT gearing up for digital currency tests

The Bank of Thailand says it will begin testing use of its retail digital currency for the general public in the second quarter of next year before fully implementing it over the next three to five years.The retail central bank digital currency (retail CBDC) is ...

BoT developing digital currency for the public [Video]

The Bank of Thailand (BoT) has acknowledged the benefits of digital and crypto currencies and has begun developing a digital currency for the Thai public.Keep watching ...

Home loan help for lower earners

More than half of this year’s new housing loan target of 215 billion baht will be provided with low interest rates to help low-income earners to purchase their own homes, says GH Bank.State-owned GH Bank plans to offer low-interest housing loans to low-income earners under ...

Wichit Chantanusornsiri

BoT studies warehousing concept

The Bank of Thailand has been studying a warehousing concept that allows commercial banks to sell commercial loans parked in funds of asset management companies at prices acceptable to both the creditor and borrower.Given the difficulties amid the Covid-19 crisis, some businesses have had to ...

Somruedi Banchongduang

Bank of Thailand leaves policy rate unchanged

At a meeting on Wednesday, the Bank of Thailand’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) voted unanimously to maintain the policy rate at 0.5 per cent to support economic recovery, while placing emphasis on more targeted measures, MPC secretary Titanun Mallikamas said.The committee believes that despite the ...

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