Most Thai voters happy with election results, poll shows

The majority of voters are happy with the results of the May 14 general election and will make the same choices if given a second chance, a recent survey shows.The National Institute of Development Administration (Nida) poll covered 1,310 people aged 18 and above across ...

The Nation Reporter

What Thailand’s election of a radical new government means for science

Thai voters backed radical reform at last Sunday’s general election, handing victory to the Move Forward Party, a youth-oriented party advocating for wholesale changes to the nation’s bureaucracy, economy, military and monarchy. The election result comes as the country is pursuing plans to move from a ...

Thailand Begins Early Voting Ahead of General Election

More than two million Thais who registered for early voting began casting their ballots Sunday ahead of next week’s general election, with opposition parties projected to win a majority. The vote is taking place amid an intensifying struggle for power in Thailand. The May 14 election ...

How Thailand’s general election works

Thailand’s general election on May 14 will see a 52-million electorate vote for their next government. This is what you need to know:Parliament and the pollThailand’s Parliament consists of 250 appointed senators in the Upper House, and 500 MPs in the Lower House, also known ...

Better deal for workers

As Thailand marks Labour Day today, parties are busy campaigning for the upcoming election on May 14. Many parties are proposing policies to support workers, with a key highlight being an increase in daily minimum wages. However, questions have been raised about this proposal, as ...

Bangkok Post Reporter

Transparency in upcoming election and EC’s role in focus on Open Data Day

The performance of Thailand’s Election Commission (EC) and the people’s expectations in terms of fairness and transparency in the approaching general election formed the crux of discussions on International Open Data Day, which is commemorated on the first Saturday of March every year.Experts from various ...

The Nation Reporter

Human rights a non-issue in Thai election

The issue of human rights has largely flown under the radar for the 81 parties contesting the Thai general election this Sunday.Freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and press freedom has deteriorated in Thailand since the military junta led by Prayut Chan-o-cha took over in 2014 ...

EC: International organizations need permission to observe Thai elections

Thailand’s Election Commission (EC) has confirmed that international bodies that wish to observe the general election next year will need to seek its approval. EC Secretary General Jarungwit Phumma said it would be customary for the EC to invite electoral organs of other countries to ...

Thammarat Thadaphrom

Tourism’s influence on Thai politics

A recent news report in Thailand has revealed that Thai netizens do not believe official government statistics regarding the actual number of tourist arrivals to the country. Several readers of a popular local news portal wrote similar comments in response to a statement made by ...

Sheith Khidhir

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