Thailand cuts the use of plastic bags by over 148,000 tonnes in three years

The Pollution Control Department (PCD) on Wednesday credited its campaigns among the public for the sharp reduction in the use of single-use plastic and plastic shopping bags, totalling more than 148,000 tonnes in about three years.PCD director-general Pinsak Suraswadi said the department had launched the ...

The Nation Reporter

Plastic plans fail as pandemic deliveries prevail

Single-use plastic is making a comeback, as Thais order takeout and delivery in soaring volumes because of the pandemic.This was supposed to be the year Thailand started to phase out single-use plastic bags, in line with the government’s plastic waste reduction roadmap. At the start ...

Bangkok Post Reporter

Plastic use soars after dine-in ban

Single-use plastic bags are making a comeback as a result of the novel coronavirus outbreak.After their use was restricted at the start of the year, plastic bags can once again be seen littering the streets of greater Bangkok as people begin to rely on take-outs ...

Apinya Wipatayotin

Plastic still proliferates

Several retail chains have taken the initiative to cut down on plastic waste by not giving out plastic bags, and people find themselves carrying their own tote bags when they shop at malls and convenience stores.The adjustment seems to be going well. But while the ...

Melalin Mahavongtrakul

Anti-plastic campaign starts to hit home

Among Natural Resources and Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa’s top priorities is reducing the amount of single-use plastic bags. To help him, 75 department stores, convenience stores and other shops with more than 24,500 branches nationwide have agreed to do so and from Wednesday they will ...

Apinya Wipatayotin

Dead deer found in Thailand with 7kg of plastic in stomach

A wild deer was found dead after swallowing 7kg of plastic bags and other trash in Thailand, an official said on Tuesday (Nov 26), raising the alarm on waste littering the country’s waters and forests.The country is one of the world’s largest consumers of plastic, ...

Calls for total ban on use of single-use plastic bags

The death of baby dugong Mariam, which was found to be caused from problems associated with plastic bags blocking her digestive system, has brought about renewed calls for stricter control, or a complete ban, on the use of single-use plastic bags.Marine scientist, and vice dean ...

Marium death spurs 'dugong masterplan' talks

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will hold a special meeting on Monday to discuss the “national dugong masterplan”, following the death of Marium, a baby dugong who died with pieces of plastic bags in her belly.Keep reading ...

Bangkok Post Reporter

A reduction of 100 million+ plastic bags at 7-eleven stores in one month

More than 100 million plastic bags have not bee used at Thailand’s 7-eleven stores in the past month, valued at more than 20 million baht.CP All Public Company, the sole operator of 7-Eleven convenience stores in Thailand, announced its intention to reduce and, eventually, to ...

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