Thailand in a green rush as government pushes cannabis as cash crop

The government held a convention in Buriram province in northeastern Thailand over the weekend to educate the public on cannabis use and promote businesses. People were able to taste hemp-based noodles, ice-cream and drinks.Hemp plants are a variety of cannabis that have higher concentrations of ...

Medical cannabis industry gears up to drive Thai economy

Medical cannabis will be raised to the status of an economic crop in Thailand and exported across the world, according to a government subcommittee studying the draft law on cultivation of cannabis and Thai hemp.The subcommittee said Thai farmers should also have access to both ...

The Nation Reporter

Law change to light up Thai medical cannabis market

The Public Health Ministry will propose an amendment to the Narcotic Act to the Cabinet on Tuesday (August 4), seeking to maximise the benefits of medical cannabis.The move comes after Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha announced urgent projects to enhance local research and development of medical ...

The Nation Reporter

MOPH announces successful medical cannabis outcomes

The Ministry of Public Health has released initial findings on medical cannabis administration to patients, and related clinical research, which show positive effects among young patients with epilepsy, and patients with end-stage cancer.The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health has revealed initial outcomes ...

Tanakorn Sangiam

How Far Will Thailand’s Cannabis Green Gold Rush Go

Despite its stigma in much of Southeast Asia, a new law in Thailand allowing for the research and development of medical cannabis. Blazing a path for the crop’s production and opening new economic opportunities.Thailand made headlines all over the world last December when it became ...

Civil society to submit Cannabis Act to parliament

A network of civil society academics will submit the Medicinal Plants, Cannabis and Mitra-gyna Speciosa Act to Parliament in order to allow patients, traditional Thai medical practitioners and folk medicine practitioners to utilize marijuana for its medicinal properties. Although its legalized adoption is a government ...

'Daycha Oil' set to receive official approval this week

The cannabis extract oil known as “Daycha Oil” is to get official approval early this week but its creator has ceded responsibility for producing it to the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine.“I have found it difficult to make the drug on my own ...

Apinya Wipatayotin

Cannabis oil claimed to help terminally ill HIV patients

A terminally ill HIV couple, in Phutabat in Chondan district of Thailand’s Phetchabun province, say they felt better after being treated with cannabis oil for nine days.After previously being treated with modern medicines, the wife was found lying unconscious showing little or no response. She ...

Thai cannabis market worth B21bn by 2024

Thailand’s cannabis industry is projected to grow to US$661 million (21 billion baht) by 2024, according to a report by Prohibition Partners, a cannabis research firm. This includes projected growth of the medical cannabis market of $237 million, for a combined recreational and medical cannabis ...

UN defers move to lift cannabis from world narcotics list

The United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs will decide next year on whether cannabis should be removed from the global list of narcotics, though the World Health Organisation (WHO) had proposed earlier this year that it be removed from the list.Keep reading ...

The Nation Reporter

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