Pollution and waste

Electronic waste

Environment Ministry launches “Thailand Without E-Waste” [Video]

As the environmental threat of electronic waste grows, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment has joined hands with the private sector and concerned networks to introduce the “Thailand Without E-Waste” campaign.Keep watching ...

Plastic waste still an issue

When it comes to policy on waste management and recycling, the Prayut Chan-o-cha administration is generally deemed to be progressive. The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry in 2018 made a landmark decision to slap a ban on the importation of plastics and electronic waste which ...

Waste plastic imports 'to be banned'

Authorities plan to ban the import of all electronic and plastic waste next year, in a move to improve garbage management.The ban was announced by a new subcommittee on the two garbage types, led by National Resources and Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa, who yesterday said ...

Apinya Wipatayotin

Thailand set to intensify ban on e-waste imports

Thailand’s Natural Resources and Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa on Wednesday told the media that the country would intensify the ban on e-waste and plastic garbage smuggled from abroad.“The ministry is serious in countering the imports of smuggled e-waste into Thailand,” said Varawut. “This is for ...

Poisonous e-waste dump cleared, leaving stench of corruption

Piles of industrial and electronic waste dumped in protected forest in the eastern province of Sa Kaew were cleared on Wednesday, making way for the Pollution Control Department to soon move in to check whether toxic residues would endanger the health of local residents.Keep reading ...

Thanapat Kijjakosol

Recycled electronics are turning Thailand into a 'dumping ground for hazardous waste'

Electronic waste from Western countries, including Australia, is flooding the shores of South-East Asian nations like Thailand, sparking fears of air and water pollution.Global waste markets were upended in 2018 when China implemented tough new import restrictions on plastic and e-waste materials from foreign nations, ...

Electronic waste discovered in Sa Kaeo conservation forest

Residents of Tambon Talangnai, in the Wangnamyen district of Thailand’s Sa Kaeo province, have discovered a huge electronic waste dumping site, covering over 3.2 hectares of a conservation forest in the area. They are appealing to relevant authorities to inspect the site, fearing it might ...

Concern on e-waste law

The country’s major big business representative has asked the government for a 45-day delay in new regulations on recycling and disposal of electronics waste. The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) claims that haste on waste laws could cost up to (exactly) 753,357 workers their jobs. ...

Thailand is not a dumping ground for e-waste

In the technological era, e-waste is increasing and while attempts have been made to recycle these materials, a large amount of it is being generated. Following the ban of e-waste in China, countries are looking to Thailand to be a dumping ground for these futile ...

Govt to ban import of electronic, plastic wastes

Import of all kinds of electronic and plastic wastes will be prohibited to ensure protection of the environment. A meeting yesterday (August 16) between all related agencies to solve the environmental problems created by e-waste and plastic waste concluded with a resolution to ban the ...

Pratch Rujivanarom

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