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ASEAN governments want data localisation laws

The dangers of corporations owning large amounts of personal data have been heavily debated in recent years with no real solution to the issue.Data has been branded the new currency in the world. For years, users of online platforms did not realise that they were ...

Jillian Louis

#MeToo not enough in ASEAN

Last week, Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of sexual assault – including rape. At least 80 women had accused him of sexual misconduct stretching back decades including Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Selma Hayek. Reports following the verdict say Weinstein suffered chest pains ...

Jillian Louis

Southeast Asia’s dugongs may disappear soon

In 2019, two baby dugongs were found alive after they washed ashore in Krabi and Trang provinces, in Thailand, but sadly died not long after they were rescued. The event even caught the attention of Hollywood star, Leonardo DiCaprio who posted about it on social ...

Freedom of press still lacking in Thailand

Last Thursday news reports broke about a Thai journalist who had been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for defaming the owner of a poultry farm via a tweet. A court convicted Suchanee Cloitre in December for a tweet referencing a dispute over working conditions at ...

Sheith Khidhir

Energy transition: ASEAN on track

In March last year, the World Economic Forum (WEF) launched the fifth edition of their Energy Transition Index (ETI), ranking 115 economies on how well they are able to balance energy security and access with environmental sustainability and affordability. The report considered both, the current ...

China and mastery of the Mekong

97 kilometres of rocks in Thai waters stand between Beijing and dominance over the Mekong, a mighty river that feeds millions as it threads south from the Tibetan plateau through five countries before emptying into the South China Sea.China has long wanted to dredge the ...

Southeast Asia’s rivers under threat

From rivulets to regionwide river channels, the Southeast Asian region hosts dozens of rivers. The most well-known river in Southeast Asia is the Mekong River – spanning five countries in the region itself.The Mekong, which is also the 12th longest river in the world is ...

ASEAN’s response to Industry 4.0

As the world moves into the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0, governance at regional and global levels will become a key issue. Effective governance is necessary to adequately manage public issues that cut across national borders such as cybersecurity, cross-border terrorism, ...

ASEAN needs more women in the energy sector

Southeast Asia has shown an improvement in the number of women in leadership roles. The Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore are leading in having the most women holding senior management positions, based on a 2019 report by Grant Thornton, ‘Women in Business’. However, women representation decreases ...

Liyana Hasnan

Are Thais worried about jobs?

In sharing their opinions regarding what their government should prioritise in the 2020 fiscal budget, 65.9 percent of Thais polled by the Super Poll Research Centre placed healthcare as their top concern. Just behind that, however, 59.8 percent of Thais polled also prioritised good and ...

Sheith Khidhir

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