Long overdue, or a step too far?

Thailand faces unique threats from cyber-attacks that will only increase as the economy becomes more digitised. With the passage of the Cybersecurity Act, the government seeks to aggressively confront the problem with enforcement power, but some experts fear that such power could be abused and ...

Suchit Leesa-Nguansuk

Political stalemate hits cybersecurity bill

The new cybersecurity bill may be delayed because many of the important posts and committees critical to the law’s effectiveness will have to be appointed by the new government, whose formation date is uncertain, says a legal expert. Keep reading ...

Suchit Leesa-Nguansuk

Cybersecurity bill passed

The National Legislative Assembly on Thursday passed the cybersecurity bill in its second and third readings with 133 votes in favour and 16 abstentions. The bill gives authorities the right to bypass court orders in “critical” situations.Keep reading ...

Aekarach Sattaburuth

Cybersecurity bill gets amendment

The latest version of the cybersecurity bill set to pass the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) next week has been amended to add a requirement for court warrants in cases that the state authority wants to access computer systems to obtain users’ personal information. Keep reading ...

Suchit Leesa-Nguansuk

Rights advocates worry cyber bills a major threat

New cybersecurity and data protection bills are being pushed through with little oversight because of sweeping state powers, warn rights defenders and privacy experts. A core concern is the provision that would allow seizure of computers and servers without a court order. Critics say the ...

Asina Pornwasin

Six digital bills passed in Thailand by NLA

According to a recent report, six digital bills were passed during the second round of the National Legislative Assembly, according to the Minister of Digital Economy and Society.The six digital bills are The Electronics Transaction Organisation Restructuring bill, the Data Protection bill, the Cybersecurity bill, ...

Alita Sharon

Cybersecurity, data protection bills await NLA approval

The Cabinet has approved cybersecurity and personal data-protection bills for enactment by the National Legislative Assembly, paving the way for the country to enforce legal safeguards for the rapidly-growing digital economy and society.Keep reading ...

The Nation Reporter

Cabinet's nod to digital laws

The Cabinet on Tuesday (Dec, 18) approved two digital laws concerning the prevention of cybercrime and the use of personal information without consent. Minister of Digital Economy and Society’s Pichet Durongkaveroj said today the two laws include the cybersecurity draft act which can prevent or ...

Suwit Rattiwan

Strengthening ASEAN’s cybersecurity

Terrorism in Southeast Asia has long been a threat. Previously, the spectre of terrorism haunted the region via threats of physical violence, from bombings to kidnappings. However, in the current internet age, terrorism has found new methods to attack its targets. Cyberterrorism in the region ...

The cybersecurity balancing act

The draft cybersecurity bill, which is yet to be completed, is being promoted as an attempt to expand Thailand’s cybersecurity infrastructure, protect national security interests and crack down on cybercrime. Growing public backlash against the bill is causing tremors both online and offline because of ...

Suchit Leesa-Nguansuk

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