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Pollution and waste

Health department urges work-from-home measure as dust problem arises

With cool-to-cold weather upon us and changing air pressure as well as more people travelling, the dust problem is returning, Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said on Thursday after a meeting with the Committee on Occupational Disease Control and Environmental Diseases.As the PM 2.5 dust ...

The Nation Reporter

Blitz on smoky cars to curb PM2.5 smog

The Pollution Control Department (PCD) aims to reduce PM2.5 air pollution by 25% by imposing the maximum punishment under the traffic law on any driver whose vehicle produces black smoke caused by poor maintenance.According to PCD chief Attaporn Charoenchansa, the department has been closely working ...

Apinya Wipatayotin

Higher PM2.5 levels may return from late October, could exceed health standard in Jan, Feb

The Pollution Control Department said the PM2.5 dust situation is presently at the standard level of 5-27 mcg/cu across Thailand.The department said that until the end of October, the overall situation is expected to be “good” due to a general air buoyancy ceiling and increasing ...

The Nation Reporter

Infectious waste fees to be tackled

The Internal Trade Department plans to hold a meeting with related parties to find ways to regulate contaminated garbage disposal charges after companies significantly increased their removal fees.Chakra Yodmani, deputy director-general of the department, said tomorrow’s meeting with related government agencies, including the National Municipal ...

Phusadee Arunmas

Fixing Thailand's killer air pollution

Air pollution is a persistent, deadly problem in Thailand. Time after time we watched as thick white smog rolled through the maze of roads to settle among buildings. We knew something was very wrong. After all, clean air should not be visible.We have been living ...

Bangkok Post Reporter

Thai minister sows confusion over 2026 plastic import ban

Thailand’s Minister of Natural Resources and Environment has created doubt over the country’s 2026 plastic import ban by ordering a review on the implementation date.The Ministry had previously announced that it would gradually reduce imports of plastics up to an eventual ban in 2026.But Warawut ...

Alarm sounded over Covid waste at home

The government’s home isolation measures for Covid-19 patients are causing concern over the growing amount of infectious waste they are generating, including discarded face masks and used antigen test kits, as the waste threatens the environment, says the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI).Serious action to ...

Lamonphet Apisitniran

Government must ban imports of plastic scrap

Last Monday, members of the Anti-Plastic Scrap Citizen’s Network submitted a petition to the environmental minister. The petition demanded the government impose a ban on the import of plastic scrap by the end of this year.It was signed by 108 civil society organisations (CSOs) and ...

Bangkok Post Reporter

Plastic waste imports are 'unwanted'

More than 100 environmental groups have called on the government to prohibit the import of plastic waste and instead encourage the use of domestic plastic waste for recycling as a way to safeguard the environment and promote the circular economy.The network of 107 civil society ...

Bangkok Post Reporter

Fighting food waste in Thailand [Video]

Head chef Daniel Bucher hates food waste. His hotel’s restaurants offer much scope for recovering unused ingredients, and he helps an NGO that distributes food to the needy. Together with German relief organization GIZ, he also advises the Thai government.Keep watching ...

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